About Us
We are Williams Petroleum

Williams Petroleum offers complete petroleum sales and services to the entire province of British Columbia and Alberta.

Our company boasts one of the largest teams of trained petroleum technicians in British Columbia. Williams Petroleum offers complete customized client base service packages as well as scheduled service roll-outs. Our calibration packages are quarterly scheduled for the year in British Columbia and Alberta.

Williams Petroleum utilizes highly trained technicians and tradesmen with an aggressive 20 year safety process that is recognized within the petroleum industry with its impeccable safety record.

Our office is propelled by modern custom software packages that offer our client base effective, efficient abilities to track and monitor many clients own specific requirements including specific procurement requirements, tracking of costs, purchases and required service needs.

Our company proudly works off the policy of providing great service along with competitive pricing to offer our valued clients profitable and environmentally safe packages for their specific petroleum needs.

Williams Petroleum welcomes the opportunity to offer our teams abilities and services to you in the near future.

  • Fuel Calibrations
  • Measurement Canada Inspections (Approved Provider R-104)
  • Fuel facility installation, maintenance and demolition
  • Oil/Water separator installations and maintenance
  • Storage tank installations and removal
  • All liquid handling equipment and supplies
  • Fuel tank monitoring and leak detection
  • Fuel management systems
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Point of sales systems
  • Fuel facility maintenance, installation & demolition
  • Project planning and design service
  • Carwash products, repair and installation service
  • Property asset management & maintenance
  • Bulk truck repair & calibration service
  • Airport refueling installation, repair & calibration